Right livelihood: Rakesh "Rootsman Rak"

Rakesh (Rootsman Rak)

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Rakesh2The name of your business: Ecological Designs

Web page link: http://www.ecologicaldesigns.co.uk/

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What is your Livelihood? Your role?
My main focus has been as a designer, facilitator and teacher. I facilitate Permaculture design and ecology, getting more and more involved in the social Permaculture to enhance my own capacity in this area. I’m very good at understanding complex systems and simplifying them, which comes from my background in IT consultancy. I was working with fault tolerant UNIX systems: designing computers that never ever crash. By designing in redundancy and ensuring no single points of failure I can guarantee when components die, the system keeps on running.

Through this in combination with being in love with nature, I’ve been able to understand ecology. I tend to see things as patterns, perhaps due to dyslexia. In this way I can hold very complex patterns in my mind and work with them, whereas trying to memorize a list of ten things is impossible!

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